E-Government Services

Many government agencies have closed local offices. The Federal government, State of Florida, Osceola County and local cities put many of their forms and services online. These are some of the government services citizens may find on the web.

Child and Family Benefits

Osceola County School District
Provides a Parent Internet Viewer for parents to review students’ progress reports.

Department of Children and Families
Apply for food stamps and Medicaid.

211 Community Resource Directory
Online directory of community resources, including government agencies.

Federal Student Aid
Apply online for loans and grants from the Department of Education.

Taxes and Financial Services

Osceola Tax Collector
Make online payments and search tax records.

Florida Department of Revenue
Pay sales taxes and child support online.

Internal Revenue Service
Electronically file taxes and download, print or fill out forms.

Most Frequently Used E-Services

State of Florida Agency for Workplace Innovation
File unemployment claims, register for Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, and find labor statistics.

Sunbiz- Florida Department of State Division of Corporations
File annual reports, ficticious name and articles of incorporation, in addition to searching listings of Florida corporations and non-profit organizations.

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Renew driver’s licenses, change address, check on driver’s license status, and more.

Social Security Administration
Apply online for disability and retirement benefits, request statements, print forms and more.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Make an appointment with an Immigration officer, determine your case status, or electronically file immigration and citizen forms online.

Department of Children and Families
Apply for food stamps and Medicaid.

Local Government Services

City of Kissimmee -- eGovKissimmee
Pay parking tickets online; renew business tax receipts and more. Also features the City of Kissimmee Code of Ordinances.

City of St. Cloud
Building permits, registrations for City programs, surveys and more. Also features the City of St. Cloud Code of Ordinances

Osceola County
Search for contractors, Osceola County maps, submit questions via the Citizens’ Action Center and search property records via the Osceola Property Appraiser’s web site. Also provides access to Osceola County Code of Ordinances

Government Portal Pages

Access U.S. government services from your computer. In Spanish

First stop for all the e-Government services for the State of Florida.

Osceola County
Home page of the Osceola County government.

Business and Employee Benefits

Veterans Administration
Apply online for education, health and insurance benefits.

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
File unemployment claims, review your civil rights and learn of other workplace services.

Connects citizens to opportunities to apply for all manners of government benefits.

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