Health and Wellness

Physician Look-Up

Florida Practitioner Profile Information
Search for Practitioner Profile Information including education and training and specialty certification

Florida Medical License Verification
Research practitioner's medical licenses

American Medical Association DoctorFinder
Provides information about licensed physicians in the United States and its possessions, such as areas of practice, hospital privileges, education, and more

Medical Resources

Includes information on a multitude of health topics, including conditions/diseases, drugs/supplements, provider directories, health news, a medical dictionary and encyclopedia; provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health

KidsHealth from Nemours
Includes doctor approved health information about children from birth through adolescence and provides sections for parents, teens, and kids

NIH SeniorHealth
Includes aging related health information geared towards seniors and their friends and families with large print text, contrast adjustments, and a talking function for ease of use

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Gateway to information and links on complementary and alternative medicines

Nutrition and Diet

KidsHealth Nutrition and Fitness
Includes doctor approved health information about children from birth through adolescence and provides sections for parents, teens, and kids
Online access to government information on food and human nutrition for consumers

Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Part of a broad presidential agenda designed to help Americans, especially children, live longer, better, and healthier lives

Internet Public Library: Nutrition and Diet
Maintained by a consortium of colleges and universities with programs in information science on various topics

Medical Research Databases

Health and Wellness Resource Center
Provides instant access to carefully compiled and trusted medical reference materials. Includes nearly 400 health/medical journals, hundreds of pamphlets, over 700 health-related videos from partner Healthology, Inc., and articles from 2,200 general interest publications in addition to a broad collection of Gale reference titles. Material contained in this Resource Center is intended for informational purposes only.

Health Reference Center Academic
Multi-source database provides access to the full text of nursing and allied health journals, plus the wide variety of personal health information sources in InfoTrac's award-winning Health Reference Center. All in a single, easy-to-use database, the material contained in this database is intended for informational purposes only.

Explore Tutorials and How-To's

Oklahoma State University: Interactive Nutrition Tutorials
Tutorials, interactive quizzes or puzzles which are appropriate for non-majors and the public

MedlinePlus Interactive Health Tutorials
Interactive health education resources from the Patient Education Institute. Using animated graphics each tutorial explains a procedure or condition in easy-to-read language.

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